August 5, 2010
By KGS95 SILVER, Waynesboro, Virginia
KGS95 SILVER, Waynesboro, Virginia
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things do not change, we do.

So many tears i've cried,
So many nights i couldn't sleep,
So many nights i've thought of you.

I really wish you would understand how i felt,
I really wish you knew how much i want you in my life,
I really wish you knew how much i love you.

Laying beside somebody i truly care about makes me think of you.

How i long to wake up to see the dad i've always wanted you to be.

The person i know you are.

You didn't have to treat me the way you did,
You didn't have to do the things you did,
You didn't have to fake your feelings towards me like you did.

All you had to do was love me like your daughter.
All you had to do was give me hope.
All you had to do was teach me how to grow up and live.

Believe me it wouldn't be this hard on my own.
I wouldn't feel so much pain.
I wouldn't have so much anger.

Tell you the truth i probably wouldn't be writing this letter.
But, i want you to know,
I love you,
I care about you,
I want you to be happy.

The author's comments:
my dadinspired this piece.

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