August 5, 2010
By Philosopherpoet DIAMOND, Happy Valley, Oregon
Philosopherpoet DIAMOND, Happy Valley, Oregon
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"An eye for an eye only ends up making the whole world blind". -Mohandas K. Gandhi

My Poem on humanity

In our prime inside our head,
‘Till we’re on our death bed
“What are we?” Some might question;
Hairless ape or little god?

Still others say we are demons condemned to Hell,
So we go ring the church bell,
Pray to God, to relieve our sins,
Pray to the Lord to save our skins.

Murder, burnings, war more brutal than a beast,
Some, in the name of an opinion, some because we had to eat.
Make other species do our jobs, while we sit on the couch like lazy slobs.
Sometimes we think profound thoughts; like Einstein with his crazy hair, or the Leaky family with skin so fair.

Finding the answers to the past, organising them like an opera cast.
Emotions pour and emotions boil,’ till we lie dead in the soil.
Life of fun, life of fury, so we scurry to make the most of what we can.
Some are scientists, some are holy men, still others choose and artisan.

We have passion; we have love, enough to fill a god’s glove,
We have an intellect greater than we know,
And we use it so… maybe not: I don’t know.

So won’t you think with me? We are not so bad, look around.
See the smiling faces, see the beautiful places.
Live a little and enjoy the world and sounds,
For only you can enjoy it like you do, here and now.

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