Getting Away

August 5, 2010
Paige wants to tell something.
She keeps crying for some reason.
She wishes someone she knew could give her advice and help her, but every time she tells her friends they don’t believe her and just say she is imagining things.
But these things she sometimes tells are reality.
It’s not a dream.
She wants it to go away.
So she will run.
Run from her troubles and problems.
She will go and go, till she can see city lights or the open sky of bright stars.
Paige hopes no one will look for her.
She wants to start over and make this life she has now the past.
But back deep in her mind she knows her parents will do anything and everything they can to find her.
They have the money and the time.
But if they do find her and she does go back to this life of cruelty, they won’t have time and they will let her crumble to pieces.
But from her time away she has found friends like her and places to be where no one cares who you are they don’t care where you come from, they just love you for who you are.
Did I mention no one can find me here?
… I really need to stop talking in third person.

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