The Angel

August 5, 2010
By Holly_Frost GOLD, Henrietta, Texas
Holly_Frost GOLD, Henrietta, Texas
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Individuality makes us human

When she gave him a piece of her it wasn’t given willingly but still he stole it from her
They say to protect yourself, your virtue and your innocence but how can you when it’s stolen?
I’m afraid she won’t say if something is wrong in the future
She’s been through, taken her pills and sat in for hours of therapy
But that girl, she’s my best friend, and all I can think to say is “He wasn’t the one for you”
But of course that’s obvious, of course I’m oblivious to all the pain she feels
I watch her eat her lunch at school and look her up and down and wonder why her, why my friend?
She’s such a good person, she cares for me, I care for her
We’ll watch each other’s backs until the end
But when she tells me about it I cringe instinctively and begin to cry, every time
I feel so scared and helpless in this world now that I know that the strongest woman I know wasn’t strong enough
I wish that I could see that man and beat him to the ground
Take back what he took from her, her dignity, her security
And she goes home to a mother who loves her but is unstable with the circumstances
Her stepfather doesn’t even care, he smokes and smokes all day and yells at everyone who’s near
I listen to all her stories and tell her all of mine and I’m so happy I have someone to share with
But I start to cry every time I think about it, my poor friend
I want to have my revenge and much more on anyone who can think of something so horrible and cruel lightly
And she’s the most beautiful girl in the world, she has the most beautiful soul of anyone I’ve ever met
I don’t know if it’s because of her experience, or if it comes naturally
But she’s naturally my best friend
I swear she’s an angel even if her wings aren’t there
Maybe she ties them back just like she does with her wavy hair when she feels self conscious
And I swear I will never know another soul so understanding and comfortable with the truth
I tell her anything and she swears she’s done much worse but she doesn’t feel so much shame anymore
I wish I could fly her to a cloud and let her rest her stressed mind in the sky
I wish I could give everything that was taken from her back, but I just don’t know how to do that
And maybe I can’t fix her, but maybe I can’t fix me
But maybe there isn’t a single tool in the world that really fixes anything
Though we try
She cries when no one’s looking and I do too
Her mind is full of reality, full of truth
And she’s not scared, she’s just so brave
The angel

The author's comments:
This is about a friend of mine who is very very important to me

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