Complexities Of The Mind

August 4, 2010
By , Cincinnati, OH
Distorted; my mind
It's become a complex hallucinogen
in which my thoughts are refined
and dissociated from reality

An overdoes on serotonin
I am the agonist itself
I've got the toxic syndrome
that doesn't let me control myself

Obsessive; My soul
I look with a blank stare
because my thoughts take control of me
and my surrounds become unaware

I know of this synesthetic perception
that's become automatic
I've lost all sense of self
that allows me to be charismatic

Vulnerable; my heart
the presence of psychological numbing
I can't begin to impart
the disconnection I feel

I have an inablilty to care
without consequence
The damage is beyond repair
I wish I could find myself

I'm never really there

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