Rain fall

August 3, 2010
By , Houston, TX
rain is peaceful like dreams
rain is wild and angry like nightmares
people don’t understand or care
to notice the beauty in the rain
people don’t notice the pretty
rainbow of colors in a gray sky
people don’t wonder about the drops
that fall like liquid diamonds to
the absorbent ground or melt
with a splash into the puddles
that shine like glass

after it rains, all is calm
quiet, peaceful, and clean
the only sounds that break
the stillness, the silence
are rushing streams speeding
to the open oceans, and the wind
in the trees that carries the storm away
to bless and brighten someone else’s day

when i experience the rain,
really experience it, and enjoy
letting it fall on me, it is if
all my worries and cares are
getting swept from me,
and rush away on the streams,
as if my fear gets washed away
and absorbed in the ground

i feel elated, as if i could fly
when it rains it feels pure,
as if all the pain and sorrow
are washed from the world
and all that is left is beauty,
love and dancing.
When it rains the world
is at it’s purist, weather it
be a dream or a nightmare...

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