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August 3, 2010
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I lost you before I even started,
I thought I could hold you in my hands,
I thought I could do as I pleased,
I thought I could wait til you returned to me,
I thought I could smile while you were set free,
I thought I could like you without loving you,
I thought I could dream without actually dreaming,
I thought if I opened my hands to let you fly away,
that you would stay.
I guess I was wrong,
because before I started I had already lost you.

I thought I could fall not needing you to catch me,
I thought I could silently watch you fluttering around,
I thought I could be with you forever,
But I was wrong,
You will never want me like I want you.
I watch silently crying,
As you flutter away,
With not even a glance at my face
Before you disappear out of sight.
Crying, I smile, a hopelessly happy smile,
Only cause I know from now on
You are free, happy, and found where you truly want to be.

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