My testimony

August 3, 2010
By , raleigh, NC
I've been through drugs and ive been through alcohol
ive been through alot but not nearly it all
ive heard words and seen things i shouldnt have saw
ive been stomped on and ive taken many falls
ive stood my ground and ive built my walls
ive given up and ive drawn my straws
ive made mistakes and ive done wrong
ive pushed people away and stayed with who stuck along
ive been battling a disease, even though its lifelong
ive been abused, accused, bruised, and misused
ive yelled out in tears and ive cried and ive cried
ive pushed myself like no other and ive tried and tried
ive put things aside and blew trust because ive lied
ive made decisions with no help and no guide
ive stretched my limits with not wanting to abide
ive been kicked out and unwanted so id run and id hide
ive looked up at the sky and asked myself why
ive been put on medications and didnt want to comply
ive loved and ive hated
but mostly the person ive created
ive been impatient and ive waited
ive been mean and said things better off not stated
ive done alot of wrong things in my life so far and im very unstable
but if theres one thing i know for sure
its that the Lord is able!
not everyone will always keep forgiving me
but my God has already set my sins free
I'll always remember to never give up on God, because He'll never give up on me!

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