August 3, 2010
By Kaneesha BRONZE, Corinth, Texas
Kaneesha BRONZE, Corinth, Texas
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Sparks dissolve into the soothesaye sky
Flying upward, reaching
Tearing through the stars, ripping apart
The soft silk of the night
Shooting up through my chest
From the luminous pyre sunk through
Spitting serpents of black smoke
From these glass eyes
While I rest
and confess to the demon
Chasing my heart
The clouds part
In fear of my scorching breath
Blue fire like death
My imperceptible immortal
My wings,
My faerie hands
Hidden with flame
As a thousand entranced children
circle round and round,
a ring of hypnotic dance
Magic cinders ignite the eyes of these earthly monsters
They try and reach for me
Reaching into the arms of the red siren
As I sway in mesmeric perfection
Calling my brothers
my sisters- the stars and sun
You see a girl inside out,
blood, flesh, and bone
Tucked away, my sparkling spells
I curse with touch
and love
and feel
Swimming deep in a forgotten well
Water cold like ice,
As the children circle round
Calling up my power
Ripping it from my chest
As I drown
Blue fire like death
A black hole, sucked from ravaged suns
My soul
My glass eyes,
A hellmist breath
and if oceans be let run red
An oceanid, luring sailors from their beds
To sleep underwater
To breathe deep
So that I may keep them.
I keep my mirrors clean
Can't you see?
Do I terrify?
My singing screams
I am the end of dreams.
A goddess of the dimension underneath
I cradle one coveted human heart,
hanging from my neck,
Forever bound.
I hush my earthly love, his eyes closed, asleep,
and rock him in my arms as I explode the stars.
Ripping apart the eyes that try to see him,
Keeping one thing mine.
Calling demons, to confess my second body
To sacrifice the flesh
And consume the stars
And watch my entranced little followers
Dance round my fire,
As I sway to hypnotize, in an inferno of black conjury
I cloud your eyes with black smoke, you see the girl
I hide underneath, the bewitcher of lost things
Devouring souls
Throwing stars down to hell
Can't you see?
The ancient trees bow and bend down,
The beasts kneel,
Lined up, in honor of their feared queen
The sorceress queen,
Carried on the backs of demons
I pray on my innocent fawners
With eyes like spitfire
And wings flapping wildly to the dark song of space
I live as the simple girl, the quiet words,
The witch unseen.

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