"High School Marvel"

August 3, 2010
By nickn81 BRONZE, Edison, New Jersey
nickn81 BRONZE, Edison, New Jersey
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Touch downs. Extra points and kick returns.
Spiked shoes that dig
in deep.
Four inch high, thick bladed grass, one hundred yards of pain
with every step.
Determined silver-back gorillas waiting on scrimmage line
snap the ball.
Six seconds seem like six years.
Twenty-two pairs of shoulder pads instantly collide-
Twist, pop, pop, grunt
Cheers echo from distant stands.
Short-skirted girls with glistening mops of red and white in hand.
Bellowing shouts muted by
The drowning sounds of the fans.

When Big T’s dad went away, he played like a lion-
resilient and sturdy; unstoppable with a cause-
A young cub with pigskin in clutch
dodging through a maze of nomadic barbarians.
Stiff arm, jukes, hurdles and spins
aerobatic feat morph unhuman.
Fourth down heroics make him legend.

Weekdays end under the illuminated battleground.
Scoreboards flash 21-20 and go dim.
Emotion pervaded herds pile outside of equipment filled rooms-
Pats on backs and high fives
turning boys into men.

The author's comments:
My love and passion for football inspired me to create this poem. I wrote this after graduation underneath the supervision of my summer English tutor. I am looking forward to the next four years at the University of Maine on a full football scholarship. See, even atheletes have a love for poetry!

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