Trials and Tribulations

August 3, 2010
By Anonymous

Our fragile love has fallen apart
And in the end that I looked longingly for
What I waited for came meekly and passed
The remnants are but ashes of what was
I'm left with a heart that won't properly mend
I've lost my way since that long ago Yesterday
My love was discarded Yesterday
I was woken from reminiscent dreams
With a river a tears I was awakened
Trials and tribulations have weakened my trust
Pray for my aching heart to be strong once more
Though I'm void of any lasting hope
I will gather strength to rise again
I'm living within the nightmare of Yesterday
Yesterday won't seem to go away
One person will not trap me within their grasp
Desolation will not drive me to Death
Against any blow I will stand firm
It's the sorrow that we must all go through
But I will not be broken
I'm shattered across the floor for now
But I will not forget to live again
I will not lose myself to suffering
I'm holding my head higher in this bright Today
I'm finding pieces of me everywhere Today
A deceitful love can never bring true happiness
It's and empty promise, without any worth
I won't let it ruin me
Bleeding my pain out takes me into darkness
The longer I linger, the more I suffer from it
As my wounds grow I begin to fade into despair
And as I despair, my troubles expand as well
Pray for my broken heart to be whole again
I cried for the first in a long time Today
Today a burden was lifted from my shoulders
Even if I'm falling into nothingness
I will find a way to be real once more
A deceitful love will come to no value
It's broken glass among the diamonds on the sky
I won't let it lead to my destruction
I found some strength thinking of the sinless Tomorrow
My Tomorrow is coming with no mistakes in it.
It's the things of darkness we must suffer through
But in the end, the sun will shine all the brighter
I'm just a wandering spirit for now
I'll find my way back soon enough
I'll find a light into a new Tomorrow
The shining Tomorrow I have to look to
I will live again without grief
Your false love brought me nothing pain
It's worthless to me then and now
I won't let it destroy who I am
I have more than Yesterday to cling to
I have more than Today to think about
And Tomorrow I will find my way once more
There's always going to be a Tomorrow...

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