August 2, 2010
By , El Paso, TX
Cruel and merciless,
Raking lives not caring who it might be,
A puppet of fate,
Fate makes no mistakes.
There is no such thing like an accident or a coincidence.
All happens for a reason.

Be glad you are alive. Cherish your life.
Mourn for the dead and let them leave in peace.

Full of life well in health when we are born
We grow in strength and wisdom as time goes by,
And when we grow old and frail
Our family and friends will be with to the end.

If times are tough all that is left is to endure.
If life was harsh, crude and quite cruel for one,
I would say one thing:
“Persevere and show those who looked down on one
that one can do good like everyone else and exceed from good to great”.

So cherish life to the fullest.
Live positively, good thing come for those who wait.
Death and Fate are not glad to see lives end shortly.
Do not waste life in suicide.
It does not bring relief from life,
because no one knows what is in wait for one beyond death.

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