Hush Silence

August 2, 2010
By Hannibal GOLD, Chelsea, Michigan
Hannibal GOLD, Chelsea, Michigan
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Silence blares through the loud speakers
It startles the birds out of the trees
Shatters glass with its wailing absence
Bats send forth an echo to see if this is some new monster
A horrible creature that could creep, crawl, stalk, haunt, fly, soar, sprint and slither
Through the world in absolute negative sound
That would hush the leaves beneath its feet
Choke the crashing ocean waves around it
A scary thought though sensational
A reckless thought though daring
A rushed thought though fleeting
Only once has the world heard not hearing
Only once when God struck the world dumbfounded
So what conductor could conduct no music
What object no breath

And what creature no noise

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