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August 2, 2010
By EyesOfDarkness BRONZE, Trenton, Ohio
EyesOfDarkness BRONZE, Trenton, Ohio
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A precious life that is born
Someone that was born strong
Tortured through their own personal hell
Fighting through it all
Blood being shed, Tears that stain as they fall
And the strength to move on
To overcome
A life that has grown
Stronger everyday
A life that has purpose
A life that has been pushed to their limits
Close to falling over the edge
But they find the strength to hold on
To endure such measures of misery through the pain they feel
Every second wondering if it is worth it?
“Am I worth it?”
The answer not being there to see right away
But the answer is Yes
Happiness comes from the ones, who accept life as it comes,
No matter what they are put through
A precious life that will find true happiness at the end of the dark tunnel of misery
True happiness awaits those who are willing to wait,
And the ones who can endure the pain and heart ache, and
Learn to survive

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