Light in the Rafters

July 31, 2010
By KipKlark GOLD, Wellesley, Massachusetts
KipKlark GOLD, Wellesley, Massachusetts
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Light in the Rafters

"There's light in the rafters!"
The father heard from his son
"There's light in the rafters!"
And he polished his gun

"There's some snow on the ground!"
But the father felt it nothing new
For every year, winter came around,
Every day his beard grew

"There's a blue jay in the tree!"
"Why, yes indeed."
"Papa, he's winking at me."
"And I forgot the feed."
"Well he's nice to watch and see."

"There's a sunset in the clouds!"
"Quiet, don't be so loud!
Do not make a buzz
Don't dare you stir."
And obedient the boy was
After a short "yes, sir."

There was a silence in the air
There was a father
There was a young boy who once cared
And there was an old boy
Who no longer bothered
With life's soft joys

The pair returned
To the wooden den
The boy hadn't learned
And it happened then:

"There's light in the rafters!"
"Yes, there is my son."
"There's light up in the rafters!"
Yet the father held his gun
"There's some light up in the rafters!"
A shot, and all was done
"I suppose there was light in those rafters,"
The poorest soul begun
"Some light up in the rafters,
Running from the sun."
There was light in the rafters,
The boy had said with laughter
But there wasn't any after.

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