July 22, 2010
By ColtonBush BRONZE, Greensburg, Kentucky
ColtonBush BRONZE, Greensburg, Kentucky
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Favorite Quote:
you can spend minutes, hours, days, weeks, even months over-analyzing a situation, try to put the pieces back together, looking at what could've would've happened, or you can just leave the pieces on the floor and move on. -Tupac Shakur

I'm standing,
In a place,
Called Nowhere,
It is an,
Imaginary place,
Where i go to,
Clear my mind,

But there,
Is someone here,
In a dark,
Black coat with,
A hood,

They approach me,
Slowly and steadily,
And when they,
Reach me,
They extend their,
Arm out and,
Hand me a key,
And they,
Slowly whisper,
"Protect it,"

I stand there,
Looking at the key,
Confused and stiff,
And then i see,
The word,
Scribbled on the key,
I look up,
But there is no one,
There or anywhere,

I run,
I run and run,
To try and find,
The mystery person,
But i never,
Find them,

So i stop,
I stop and,
Sit down,
On the ground,
And close my eyes,
I sit there for a while,
And clear my head,

Suddenly i hear something,
So i open my eyes,
And i realize,
I'm not in,
Nowhere anymore,

I'm with you,
At your house,
Sitting and watching,
The Sun,
At Daybreak,

I lean back,
And feel something,
In my pocket,
I reach in,
And pull out,
The key,

I lean up,
You turn and ask,
"What is it?"
I look at the key,
And smile and say,
"I'll protect it,
Forever and always."

The author's comments:
I actually wrote this for a girl I have really strong feelings for. I want people just to read this and relate this to someone they have feelings for. If you really do have feelings for them, let them know because you never know if they will feel the same.

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