July 22, 2010
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I'm standing,
In a place,
Called Nowhere,
It is an,
Imaginary place,
Where i go to,
Clear my mind,

But there,
Is someone here,
In a dark,
Black coat with,
A hood,

They approach me,
Slowly and steadily,
And when they,
Reach me,
They extend their,
Arm out and,
Hand me a key,
And they,
Slowly whisper,
"Protect it,"

I stand there,
Looking at the key,
Confused and stiff,
And then i see,
The word,
Scribbled on the key,
I look up,
But there is no one,
There or anywhere,

I run,
I run and run,
To try and find,
The mystery person,
But i never,
Find them,

So i stop,
I stop and,
Sit down,
On the ground,
And close my eyes,
I sit there for a while,
And clear my head,

Suddenly i hear something,
So i open my eyes,
And i realize,
I'm not in,
Nowhere anymore,

I'm with you,
At your house,
Sitting and watching,
The Sun,
At Daybreak,

I lean back,
And feel something,
In my pocket,
I reach in,
And pull out,
The key,

I lean up,
You turn and ask,
"What is it?"
I look at the key,
And smile and say,
"I'll protect it,
Forever and always."

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