who am i to save

July 22, 2010
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you whisper in my ear
you whisper few little words.
you say to me to save her,
but who am i to save.
who is she to me and how
can it be.

that night i laid my head
upon my own sweet bed.
to wake from a dream so
deep and alone.

scared to go again to that
dreamland in the night.
fright that death will come
fright i'll never wake again.

for me to say to day that
one simple phrase the one
i long so much for. its
harder than it looks.

but yet i say it everyday,
hoping it will never fade.
for this is what i live for
this it brings me joy.

but what can i do when
it all goes to hell,
what can i do when i lose
it all to you.

so you whispered in my ear
those few little words.
once whispered to me
you say to me to save her.
but who am i to save.

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