Life Lost, is a Lesson Learned

July 22, 2010
By lily_says_rawr GOLD, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
lily_says_rawr GOLD, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
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Heart pounding, heart racing,
It almost missed a beat.
Tears rolling, legs shaking,
Nothing more I can do.

Feeling so helpless,
Yet so to blame.
Not enough, not enough,
I could have done more.
More to express to you,
How much you really mean.

Why did you have to go,
Why did you have to leave me.
I didn’t even get a chance,
To tell you how much you mean to me.

Now you’re gone,
Nothing more I can say.
Nothing more I can do,
Life goes by so very fast.

The author's comments:
People die without warning. YOu never know when someone close to you will leave you. Don't miss your chance to express to someone how much they mean to you. Use your time carefully. Don't take for granite a loved one. Just always remember to tell them how much you really love them. Life is fast. Don't waist it.

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