Flower on the Lake

July 22, 2010
Floating on a glassy lake,
Floating so gently.
There is a flower so sweet and soft,
Drifting merrily.

Sweet, sweet smells,
Rising fragrantly above the water.
The smell floats around,
Gently touching everyone and everything.

But when the flower goes away,
What will we do without it?
Without the sweet, sweet smell,
What will we do without it?

The flower is now gone,
Gone for good and gone forever.
The same sweet scent,
Will never be again.

For that is the last,
The last of the flower.
That is also the first of the flower,
For that is the flower of eternity.

Now that it is gone,
We will all be gone.
For that is the flower,
The flower of eternity.

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