July 31, 2010
Unknowingly entered but easily accepted
Initially unnoticed and seemingly fine
Careless actions and loss of judgment

You’re eating away at me
My insides are rotting… what insides?
I’m almost gone
Fragments of what used to be stomach remain

Your very nature is to thrive on my shortcomings
The ideal symbiotic bond broken from when you broke into me

I have no choice but to succumb to your needs
What I want doesn’t matter anymore
Who am I?
I can no longer discern me from you
You took and took
And now
I have nothing left to give you

You said you loved me
Tried to make us one
If you really loved me you would never hurt me like you did
Selfish cover-ups for your grandiose lie

You’re no lover
You’re merely a
P a r a s i t e

Must rid of you
Lest I’ll be gone forever
It’s time to suck the poison out

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