July 31, 2010
By Anonymous

Things cannot be undone
Mistakes held in the future and past
Now I know
Nothing ever lasts

Spring, a time for change
And winter, the one that remains the same
Consistency throughout these months
Is what keeps me sane

One star
Fills the sky
The only hope alive
The only thing to catch my eye

Music, the only comfort
Words of the wise
Bring care and advice
Always truth, never lies

My dream fading
The lone star gone
The sky shrouded with darkness
I crawl to my corner
And let it seep in, nostalgia at its best

The author's comments:
I hope my message gets through! I wrote this when I was feeling sorry for myself. I felt like I was alone in the world. Even though it has a sad feel to it; it's one of my favorite poems that I've written because I think that you can really see what I'm feeling, and the depth of it.

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