No Death in Me

July 31, 2010
By KipKlark GOLD, Wellesley, Massachusetts
KipKlark GOLD, Wellesley, Massachusetts
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No Death in Me

No Death in Me, no waters
No thrashing seas
Nor sons and daughters

No Death in Me, no dying
No happiness and glee
Suddenly warp to crying

No cold touch on my shoulder
No fear and no regret
No frightening rough boulders
No stormy hallows, wet

No fear in me of sleep
No long forgotten dreams
No promises I could not keep
No ripping at the seams

No Death in Me, no embers
No eager burning blaze
No bittersweet Decembers
Of once-beloved days

No Death in Me, no fear
Just a living breath
My story ends here

No Death in Me
No Leaving
For Death, you See
Is a matter of believing

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