July 31, 2010
By Anonymous

Shaken images in shattered glass
To the gallows they were sent
With wounded minds and ailing bodies
Their beings burned with resentment

Shaken with trembling
Multitudes tortured day and night
The blistering wind freezing
They knew they had lost the fight

Shaken and alone in the world
Stripped of their pride
The foundation they lived for
With no where to run or hide

Shaken, perished in the heart
Digging holes of their own graves
Count the hard cost
When they were not saved

Shaken, piercing sobs and screams
In the factories of death
Total annihilation of hopeful dreams
Then gone forever in one last breath

Grim remains in a dark room
All that is left is a stench
Who were these men and women
Who remained silent in this shaken mess?

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