Average Love Story

July 31, 2010
By Anonymous

She looked at him with throbbing eyes,
Yelling out silent cries
A distant scold
This love story’s getting old

It all started on a perfect day,
And ended in the worst way
‘He and she’ became ‘we’
But the love they had you no longer see

Everything was as perfect as it seems,
They were the cutest couple in the world
They saw each other in their dreams,
She was his precious pearl

But he suddenly didn’t care
Traded her happiness for despair
He lied straight to her face,
Then smiled with devious grace

She found out what he was about
No more clouds,
No more rain
She no longer felt the striking pain

She bottled her emotions inside,
Until one day that part of her died

Baby can’t you see
That ‘one day’ was today and ‘her’ is me,
And this is your average love story

But now I’m set free…

The author's comments:
I wrote this piece in the beginning of seventh grade. It's kind of cheesy, if you will, but i decided to submit it anyway.

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