Did You Ever Notice..

July 31, 2010
Did you ever notice how glass is like a heart?
How you have to be careful,
For the glass may break.
How its a fragile thing to have.
How just one tiny stone can crack the glass,
After that the crack spreads out.
How it can like be beautiful or a painful sight.

Did you ever notice how blood is like diamonds?
Like diamonds come from a rock,
Blood comes from the body.
Like if a bomb goes off in the rock,
Diamonds flow out of it.
If the body gets cutt,
Blood flows like a river out.
Sometimes its pretty,
But sometimes its just getting the pain out.

Did you ever notice how rain is like the sky crying?
Like all the raindrops are like tears from above.
Its like every tear is dissapointment falling.
Thats the best way to cry,
With all the tears of dissapointment around you.
Plus the smell of rain just calms you senses.
The trails of dissapointment lead to the river of tears.

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