Trapped in Chaos

July 22, 2010
By Anonymous

I’m suffering,
I’m drowning,
I’m lost,
Lost in this chaos
Chaos all around me
And I don’t know how to find myself in it

My mind is being suppressed,
My lungs not able to breathe
My heart is trapped
And my imagination is held on a leash

It’s such a troublesome life,
We get ourselves stuck,
Thinking we’ll make it,
But never do
Or if we make it,
We’ll never be the same again

A shadow of the person we once were
Running from here to there
Like a dog,
Obeying what told
And questioning not

And among all this rot
You’ve now taken away my pride and joy
You’ve taken away the release I knew,
The thing that gave me light
When there was none to be seen

You don’t let me enjoy
Don’t let me be happy
Because very thing you’ve taken away
My very source of happiness,
Is all I need to find a way,
All I need to get through
To make it,
When there is no way out

Now I have one to take out my anger on
Nothing to release my tension
No time for idling or peace
No place to find solace
In this hectic chaos
And somehow,
How, only your crazy mind can conjure a way
Yet somehow,
You expect me to go on

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