Lies Lies Lies

July 22, 2010
I wonder what'd you do
If I told you the whole truth
Tore down all those lies
That I fabricated around you
Would you leave me alone?
Would you rip me to shreds?
Or would you stay loyal
as my greatest best friend?
I'm sorry for what I did
I need to keep you close
And lying is a temptress
She keeps you in her hold
Her intricate little web
Spun from words spoken fake
Yet every single lie
Has some truth hidden underneath
So I'm not all that guilty
For I spoke a little sincere
I just yearn for the closeness
and warmth of one whom I trust
I'm hoping you will forgive me
For all I've said and done
If I ever muster up the courage
To unweave the lies I've spun

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