& Who am I to take no blame.

July 21, 2010
By Mr.DillonR BRONZE, Dartmouth, Other
Mr.DillonR BRONZE, Dartmouth, Other
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Coming closer to the end,
& getting tougher to defend
You can`t mend a broken heart
when all my hate was spoken from the start.

I only wanted one thing
Just to sing, & let peace ring.
Im torn between the crease,
I`ve even lost my only neice.

All we`ve had has been forgotten.
Now all your hearts start to rotten,
Ya`ll deserve everything you`ve gotten.
& who am I, to take no blame.

Ive always been in shame,
Im one of the five to blame.
You can't stage fame,
Especially when your s***s lame.

So sit & eat your feast,
respect me to the least.
Imma take this time to reflect,
build myself to shine.
How can you sit there & pretend all is fine.
Like you said: You'll get yours, Ive gotten mine.

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