Return to a Time I've Never Known

July 31, 2010
By Samuel Reichman DIAMOND, Fairway, Kansas
Samuel Reichman DIAMOND, Fairway, Kansas
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Regress, return.
I wish I could go back
Before monuments meant tourist traps
And directions were dominated by online maps,
To connections, connections,
People with people
And real faces with faces,
To a time when the Wonders of the World were seldom traveled places.

Of course I've never been,
But now and again
An old and real picture takes me back
To a time I've never known,
Never will,
Never has been,
But now and again
I like to believe,
Believe in times and places
Of old photographs,
Hand-drawn maps,
Real people really regressing,
To a connection modern noise is suppressing,
Something real really hiding
In old photographs.

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