These Holey Gloves

July 21, 2010
By henlady GOLD, Oakland, California
henlady GOLD, Oakland, California
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I slammed the apartment door shut
Wishing I had something better then these holey gloves
That used to keep my hands warm
Suddenly my thoughts were snatched up
And replaced with tender memories
Emotions overflowing from my head
From that fateful day in my childhood
The day where my dad left
Leaving only an empty promise
That hung
In the misty air
He said he would come back and I believed him
How I waited for that day to come
But instead my days got gloomier
And miserable
My family had crumbled
In the ruins
I found
The only exit
And I escaped
I don’t know what became of my sisters
I am a selfish fool
Why didn’t I take them with me?
With these thoughts in my head
I clomped down the rusty stairs
And walked into the vanishing snow
It was disappearing
As was my bravery
I picked up some flowers from the corner shop
Jealous of their color
Of their blooming happiness
Suddenly two little kids
Race by
Their joy brings a smile to my face
I realize
How could I be so stupid?
Better days have come
I climb up the stairs
And my feet feel as light as feathers
As I put my hand on the smooth doorknob
I realize
These holey gloves
Keep my hands warm

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