Soaring through LIFE

July 21, 2010
The sky is the limit, &
I am a eagle soaring in its atmosphere.
My wings are broken,
as I dive into my deepest deepest darkest fears.
My confidence is dropping, as I struggle to fly above.
Why did momma have to kick me out the nest before
my wings could mend?
Why didn’t the world invite me in????
The clouds swallow me whole as the winds whisper to me....
“you’re as great as you wanna be..”
So I try to find a stable piece of mind,
I set myself up for success,
because I’m an eagle & I KNOW I CAN FLY!!
I hear your words & I know your thoughts,
but time has changed & I REFUSE to let the WORDS
disrupted my daily flight.
From this point on, I’m taking over the unfriendly baby-blue skies!
So prepare to move the HELL OUT OF MY WAY!!!

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