Swirls of Emotion

July 21, 2010
By Anonymous

I lose my grip
As the room spins
Out of control
I feel sick
Not of my skin
Far from humanity
Losing all sanity I have left
No escape
Feeling the urge to break free
So close to the edge
Leaving possibility behind
No one can save me
Only I am capable of that power
In my world
That swirls
With raging colors
Collapsing at the sight
Trying to hold on tight
To what I once had
All regrets,
And worry
In this place
My heart loses its pace
Everything crashing and crumbling
Into bits and pieces
A world not so appealing
Colors of rage and despair
Blacks, blues and violent reds
Blinding my eyes
Not a sound to be heard
Only flashes of emotion
They drive me closer and closer
To break down
Something lingers
To keep me together
Nothing noticeable
No screaming sign of redemption
Only a presence
That stays behind me
To keep the pieces pasted
I can’t relieve the color
Or the swirling of emotions
In this spinning room
It keeps me here
Holding my shatters together
Nothing but,
Swirls of colors

The author's comments:
This was a description of what i feel when i'm deppresed or angry. I was going through a rough time, and this became the creation of it.

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