The Darkness

July 21, 2010
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The darkness encompasses my dreams. My thoughts, my realities.
It burrows into my conscious and escapes through my mouths steam
The world sees it as my anger but it is my everything

Life without emotions is bittersweet, especially after the things you’ve said to me
The lies, the truths. They are forever entangled in my head
I’m trying to unwind them but only confusion results

All I have is your words and my manufactured thought.
The confusion in my head is cleverly masked with sin. Or humor. Or kindness
Though these masks weigh heavy, heavy upon my head
For they are hiding the darkness within

Society can not figure out what I’m hiding. What my darkness truly is
People come and go. Friends come and go. All with passing glances from blank faces
They enjoy the show I put on for them. Soon though the charade will be over
Masks torn apart, truth revealed. Then the people will know

The darkness clouds only the innocent’s hearts. The innocent by which have either been beaten, lied to and abused
All those with memories for to dark but still with pure hearts

So for me and the lucky few, Eager as we may be for the judgment day, will sit and wait
Calm, cool, collected
Anxious to break from our chains and be the change, change the cruel world needs

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