I am from…

July 20, 2010
By , tucson, AZ
I am from cluttered rooms to dirty dishes,Violence and sadness, broken things, secrets, And “family vacations”

I am from a mother who is tired,
A father who had cheated, new “step-father”,And brothers who are beated.

I am from drug users, and dealers, strangers, And children abusers .

I am from house to house, living in a car,
Homeless to a shelter, and walking very far.

I am from a mother who had moved away, I miss her very much. Spending time with grandma;
I get everything I want.

I am from brothers who annoy me,
I have three of them. Family members crazy,But have all gone through the same thing.

I am from a better life than what I had before,I improved, they improved.We had sewn the hole that tore.

This, this is where I’m from.

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