My Life

July 19, 2010
By Anonymous

So I’m in this spotlight,

not a good one,

a bad one.

Every time I do something wrong,

its everywhere.

I feel like I’m in arena

and everyone is gathering to come watch the show called,

“My Life.”

There’s a line at my door every morning

with no admission charge.

I hear all of them whisper,

and say bad things about me.

Some don’t even know me,

they just follow the crowd.

I feel like everyone comes to sit

and watch every move I make until I make a mistake.

I feel like everyone sits there,

laughs,points fingers, and makes fun of me

until I run home to cry.

I feel like its what they all feed off of,

and what keeps them alive.

I don’t understand whats so amazing about my life

but it that keeps everyone so thrilled.

Everyone messes up,

but as soon as I do,

its a sin.

I never get cut some slack,

I always have a pile of drama stacked up on my desk,

its everywhere.

I feel like my life is a joke to everyone around me.

I feel like that if I wasn’t here,

no one would care.

I just want my life to be normal,

and not be the center of attention.

There has been days

where I’ve been on the verge of life and death.

I can’t handle everything said to me,

but I take it like a bullet every time,

and lets just say,

it kills me inside.

I wish people would put themselves in my shoes

and see what its like to be me for a day.

The author's comments:
I was going through a very hard time when I was writing this, I felt like my world was really going to come to an end. I felt trapped in in a cage and everyone through away the key.

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