I Met Her In Wonderland

July 19, 2010
By Anonymous

She’s absolutely crazy, the true mad hatter,
She wears one sock red, the other blue
She screams obscenities, to her it doesn’t matter,
She sees the world in an entirely different hue.

She’s out of her mind, a true beast, wild
Granting only her highest companions
The blessing of a love bite, she won’t stop either, not until you’ve smiled.
The same things you loved as a toddler are her latest addictions.

She’s wicked, hateful, drives us all over the edge
She’ll steal your treasures, if you don’t guard them,
But if you’re her friend, you can guarantee an honest pledge,
True loyalty, to which she’ll, you, condemn.

She’ll drive you to the verge of tears,
Make you scream and fight and run away,
She’ll tell you the truth, the things everyone else fears,
And we’re all puppets in her nutty circus play.
She’s a real friend, crazed in her own wonderland.

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