You can't help

July 19, 2010
Why do you put up with me?
Why do you call me beautiful?
Why do you say you want only me?
You know I’m broken.
You know I don’t want you.
Why hurt yourself more?
Why put yourself through that pain?
You say I’m worth it but I’m not.
Why don’t you get it!?
Move on.
Forget about me.
Find someone better
and who will love you back.
You say you want to help me.
You don’t get it though.
You can’t.
You never will be able to.
No matter what you say
it will never heal my broken heart.
It’s been stolen from me
and has been shattered into
a million pieces.
Once it was whole and beautiful
but now it’s destroyed.
His once loving hands did this.
Why did he
ever tell me he loved me?
He lied.
Made me believe
that he actually cared
when he just planned to walk away.
I know you want to help
but you can’t.
He’s the one I want.
He’s the one that can heal me.
I’m sorry.
You’re just not the one.
So please make this easy
for the both of us
and just leave me alone.
Forget about me.
Our lives would be so much simpler.
And once again I’m sorry…

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volleyballchick said...
Aug. 31, 2010 at 8:43 pm
sorry that this is on here twice.
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