Teenager Struggle

July 19, 2010
By Jasmine.PHJ BRONZE, Greenville, South Carolina
Jasmine.PHJ BRONZE, Greenville, South Carolina
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Favorite Quote:
"Reach for the stars but keep your feet on the ground"

I shake like an earthquake from head to toe
I tremble like a lonely child left alone in darkness
I have my back against Mt. Regret; its snow entraps me with pain as a butterfly is trapped inside its cocoon
I fought and pulled as a bear would do if felt under attack
I feel the ground beneath me and the mountain behind me shake as if it was laughing at my struggle to get free
I shake my head wanting only to wake from a terrible dream but in my ear I hear a snicker “your wrong this is not a dream haha remember us, you tried to forget us and put us in the back of your mind, we are the past and you shall never escapes us.”
I look into the distance and see the moon, stars, and sun. I open my mouth to cry out for help, but the ground beneath thrust bitter dirt into my mouth. I spit out what was thrown in me only to realize it came out as words
Words… I never wanted to say. I see the pain covered the stars, moon, and sun, they moved as a child would move when they realized their role model is not who they portrayed to be
My tears fell as raindrops fall on a windows pane
I exhale; I hear that voice so faint but so near “no one cares, you are alone”
Frustration, anger, and pain flowed through me as if it was lava and destroying my heart and mind was it mission
This cycle happen to me over and over tormenting and taunting me. Until one day I saw a flower brighter than the sun on its brightest summer day and every day that flower sent a petal my way petals of forgiveness, trust, love, and faith. It helped set me free from Mt. Regret and rescued me from it companies
Now that I travel through life like a child in an amusement park, I realize that flower was there all along but I could not see it, not because it was covered in snow, but because I had no desire to

The author's comments:
This a poem I wrote about a year ago. I realized once I wrote it that every teenager goes through this struggle of leaving life and facing regrets and out past. It's a hard thing to do especially if you feel like no one cares(we all feel that way). However, I also realized that we can come through it because we always someone or something in our life that helps us lets the past be the past be the past.

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