July 19, 2010
By valleygirl BRONZE, Brroklyn, New York
valleygirl BRONZE, Brroklyn, New York
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I love her i truly do
She means the world to me
I wouldn't let anything happen to her
But when it comes to boys I cant take it
Every guy likes her
It isnt fair
I liked him so much and it was gonna turn into something
We went on a date and it was amazing
But then he started to like her
My heart dropped
I'm jelous
She would always get the guy
Especially the guys that make me happy
He would tell me I'm amazing
He would say how beautiful I am
He would make me feel like I'm the best girl on this earth
I really liked him and was crazy about him
But now he likes her
He will be telling her how much he likes her
I miss him
So much
He meant everything to me
And he was the only guy that was nice to me
The other guys just walk past me and dont even notice me
He was the only guy that was nice and gived a damn
Now all that has changed
I'm still jelous and always will be

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