We are Love

July 19, 2010
By DylanTheScapegoat BRONZE, Modesto, California
DylanTheScapegoat BRONZE, Modesto, California
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"The Best is Yet to Be" - Robert Browning

I'm in my dark, almost empty room
lying in bed with my mind on overdrive
and my heart on the Emergency brakes
the way she thinks is unfair
I would scream out loud to stop you from anything wrong
I cant be your savior and devil to prey upon
you are and have been my life as long as my memory will take me
your presence is second nature
I wish you see the things I see
I wish you feel the things I feel
I wish you knew the thinks that I know

My window is cracked enough to hear the songbirds at work
singing to a rhythmic pattern similar to gunfire in a raging war
The highs and lows of a new morning
She has left me defenseless against my own self
Vulnerable for attack at any moment
I know she wont make me feel the pain
at least not as much as I myself have once created
to use against her as payback
I have accepted the decisions and can only accept the mistakes

Our souls have blended together to become a part of her beauty
Everyday thoughts seem to never disappear
I can only be reminded so many times
Until I cant take it anymore

You have a fire burning inside you that will not die down
Its brilliantly gaining a mosaic look
I see it everyday even when your soul isn’t around
You don’t think I know how you feel
I could stand upon the highest pillar so daring
And jump off into your burning thoughts
falling and crashing hard
Help me
I cant feel anything anymore
I’ve gone to far into your mind and cant get out
I came across your beliefs
The ones you swore against
They have caught me and held me under hostage
It’s a chaotic mess of confusion only you can unravel

I have become proud
Your self admiration has become invincible
Stronger than ever it is still subject to shock
You should now know why I gawk at the ways you act
your erotic imagination is incomprehensible
You never cease to amaze me

Don’t ever tell me goodbye
That word only exists on its good intentions
There will never be a last time

I can handle the distance beneath our feet
It’s the distance between our hearts that make me cautious
I don’t have real time to prove I was wrong
I’m only human and accept that fact
You have been walking were I am
Its easy for me to follow your footsteps
I wish I could make you believe me
You know that if you held a gun to my head and said
This is a murder suicide and all I want is for you to know
What I am about to say I do not only mean
Its what keeps my heart constantly running
No time to filter through your talk
I understand that your about to end both of our lives
So you speak truth

I speak truth
I have no gun
Pretend these are your last moments
I would happily spend mine listening to the way you talk
About anything and everything

When someone loves
You unknowingly put them before yourself
And begin to fight as it is you
My human nature to stay alive thrives
It’s a greed that cant be won
I will fight as I am you and it will give me strength
Nothing can tear love apart
I was a fool for thinking otherwise
If our tomorrow never comes
The most important thing I have gained is my belief in Faith

This time around I’m not kidding
I mean the things I say and say the things I mean
I’m growing up
My fire is starting to burn wildly and out of control
You are completely unaware of the things I am capable of
Now is a good time to trust me
So stand upon the highest pillar
And send yourself out and away over my thoughts
Crash and fall down on my sea of an open mind
Your starting to drown
I will help you
I will go numb with you at times you cant take it
Your strength is ranking but still falls under key
I even need a shoulder to cry on

If you ever get scared I am here
I exist for you only to feel okay
don’t underestimate or judge me
If you show me weakness in any form
I will collapse to my knees
And help you gain the strength
I will never use your weakness for power
Upper hand will never be higher than the low I have brought to myself to

Your full of Love but cant seem to tie the ends
With all of my heart I give it my best
you’ve changed
Your not the same
I could have agreed with your changing pace
I understand your outlook on life
How its picked you up one night in a deep sleep
Dragged you around dreaming of amazing things
Go on and become the Dream you wish on
Don’t ever give up
Don’t ever stop

The author's comments:
This poem was inspired by a girl who has stolen my heart. When I was 12 years old I asked a girl to be my girlfriend. She was, all throughout High school and time after that. We spent 6 years together until she left me for College far away. We grew up together, and everything that I know about Love and Relationships is thanks to her. I worked very hard on this piece and it means very much to me and I know once I submit it, its your property, but please try your best not to change anything. Every word is how it should be, from my Heart. Thank you.

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