In The Fullness Of God

July 19, 2010
By LoveJesus BRONZE, Ashland, Oregon
LoveJesus BRONZE, Ashland, Oregon
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The love of God
So intimate, so deep
Just as the vast waters of the ocean
The Lord and His love
Soothe me, take my breath away
And my very existence is eternally complete

The power of God
So awesome, so overwhelming
Just like a loud, strong thunderclap
The Lord and His power
Stun me, silence me
And I fall face-down in awe of Him

The majesty of God
So beautiful, so wonderful
Just as a vibrant rainbow in the sky
The Lord and His majesty
Astonish me, humble me
And I am lost in His glorious splendor

The mercy of God
So everlasting, so vast
Just like the dark abyss of space
The Lord and His mercy
Confound me, free me
And I find myself at His feet again

The author's comments:
My Lord Jesus Christ inspired this poem. This is dedicated to Him, the Lover of my soul! Thank you Lord Jesus!

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