You Came To Me

July 19, 2010
I spent too much time wishing I had a boyfriend.
He could never be my all in all like You Jesus.

I wanted a boy to hold me tight.
But You hold me in Your hands.

I wanted someone to understand me.
But You know me better than myself.

I wanted someone who'd be there for me.
But You've bee there every second of my life,
Standing there for 17 years waiting for me
To fall in love with You.

I wanted someone's voice to make my heart melt.
But I hear You whispering to my heart.

I wanted someone to listen.
But You know every word of mine.

He (male gender) left me empty,
Not including all the sorrow.
But You came to me,
Claimed my heart as Yours,
And completed me!
Now I'm in love with you.

I am waiting for You to take me as Your bride forevermore.

Your the lover of my soul.
You quench the flames of all my cravings,
Dear Lord Jesus.

Your my only true lover.
Husband, God, and Father.

He (male gender) left me broken.
Jesus, You made me whole.

He left me chasing after him.
But You came to me and stayed,
With my lonely heart.

I cried and he ran.
I cried and You answered.

As I chased after lovers that won't satisfy,
You chased after me.
Your hands were open to me,
Filled with Your water of life.

Your eyes of flame pierced my heart
And I became broken before You.
I was in awe of You.
You took my breath away.
But You redeemed me.
I finally gave up my life and all of me and laid myself in Your hands.

While I laid in the field,
Cast out and not pitied,
being left by those I loved and the boy my heart loved,
You saw me.

I laid broken and alone.
But You.
You came to me while I laid in my blood.
You touched me and it gave me life.
You breathed on me and I awoke.

When You saw that I was old enough for love,
You laid your garment on me to cover my nakedness and shame.
You washed me.
You clothed me with a fine linen and placed jewelry and a crown on me
Exclaiming “You are mine”.

All others left me to drown in my tears.
But You came to me.
You rescued me, my true Love.

I was dead but You laid your hands upon me and I lived!

I laid on the cold floor with tears falling from my face.
I cried Your name.
You listened.
You also answered me.

You whispered to me tenderly and cradled me in your warm arms
While I thought life had fallen apart.
But You held my world together

I hid under Your wings for protection and shelter.
And You did protect me.
All others left me uncovered under the floods that put my life in jeopardy.

You laid down Your life for me,
Nailed all because of love.

Now I realize how much You love me and I love You.
I have fallen in love with You again.
Help me continually fall for You everyday at Your throne,
In awe and in love with You.

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