I will

July 19, 2010
To you
The words “I will” were our song
It was the two words when
You said that
I would smile

Love you
Are the words that followed
That sentence of I will’s
Changing the meaning behind everything
I will love you baby forever
You use to whisper
And in my mind I was your baby girl

Was the word we gave meaning to
Lighting up everyone else’s eyes
To the feeling they could experience

Was the only way I saw our relationship
Followed by always was the word
That would be our commitment

Is the only heart I’ve ever loved
And the only mind I’ve ever understood

I will always love you
Are the 5 words
6 syllables
That keep the relationship
That burns passionately
From blowing out
And this love stuck girls heart
Sweetheart you are
My Forever

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