July 19, 2010
She strived to make her name,
Stand out upon the crowd
But the currents of doubt washed out that whiff of fame
Burying her in her own ghastly cloud

The world around her stagnant, trapped in black and white
And as she tries to meet the finish line,
Echoes envelope her struggles
Sunglasses conceal her fright

When all the lights are turned off,
She bleeds tears from her eyes
But no one sees that repulsion
They all believe her blunt lies

The playhouse now awaits her
Cause Barbie dolls can talk
Her fakeness taking over her weight now
It’s a surprise she can even walk

Slip on those sunglasses, head out the door
She’s got them protecting her, from the world she’ll ignore
They all see strength, they all see glee
Everything she puts out to see,
Everything but me.

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