Gray Haze

July 23, 2010
By madilyne BRONZE, Lancaster, Wisconsin
madilyne BRONZE, Lancaster, Wisconsin
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Favorite Quote:
being diffrent is one of the best things i have ever done with my life

I sit in the chair
I see the gray haze
Your haze
I look in shock
It’s you, yet not
You’re old, and thin
The teeth that made the smile
The smile I fell in love with
Are crooked, yellow, and sad
You’re eyes have faded
And have changed their ways
Those eyes, though hard to believe,
Are the ones I said the stars shined in
The moon came to life in
As you said the sun rose and set in mine
Your looks have changed
But your grey haze remains
Your mind is different
What was tough is now weak
What was fun is now dull
But what you thought was good is still bad
You think differently
But your gray haze remains
You are gone
A simple you died
It was what you did
It was what you had that made your mind differ
It was what you saw that made your eyes sadden
It was what you made your life out to be
That changed it all
But your gray haze remains

The author's comments:
my grampa was a drunk, and he kinda reminded me of what i think my friend, who is on drugs, will be like at that age. and when i see my grampa smok, it reminds me of when my friend does it. so i wrote it from what i think my grandmother would have felt and her disapointment, and how i feel about my friend.

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