I Faked It

July 23, 2010
By LJProjects BRONZE, Corbin, Kentucky
LJProjects BRONZE, Corbin, Kentucky
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"We can't always be who everyone wants us to be."

I said that I love you, and I do
They say I faked it, I only faked not loving you
I just didn’t want to show you, until you showed me
Seeing that beautiful face go on through life without me
Going through the memories in my mind
Maybe that things would’ve been different with you
Why did I decide to change after that faithful day?
Cause you wanted me to, or I didn’t want you to see my ways
It doesn’t matter now, as long as I make you happy
Thinking of a way to help out, never a single doubt
Life will always go on, no matter what happens to us
Remember the other day, but it seems so far away,
It was the day you made things better
Saying yes changed my life, now I have done so much different
I don’t brag bout you, but I’m glad I have you
People may try to take you from me
Only if your love is true, you will give me the chance I deserve
Everything I do is like soft serve, quick and simple
Yet, no one can ever imitate me
You know I faked my feelings before, cause I was afraid
I don’t like to be turned down, so I just turn around
Walking away is not my style, just stand there and smile
One word brought me back from my world ending freefall
“Yes” is all I needed to hear on that faithful day
I want you to know about my prayer
I didn’t just pray for us to be together, but for that day to be great
It was so amazing I want a repeat, with a little less speed
I love you, everyone thinks I faked it
But I just made them think that cause they didn’t need to know

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