Life in a desperate causep

July 23, 2010
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As Time goes by
we find ways to throw our lives away
some are on purpose some are not
we put up battles that we can't afford to fight
and end up losing the war
we sit there and wish on shining stars
hopping for our wishes to come true
but in the end bad things is all we turn to
drinking our lives away
losing the ones we love
to a bottle that says it loves you more
we smoke and get high
hoping to run away from our problems
but they always find a way back into our lives
we cry and ask for forgivness
but do we really want it
we hold on to the one thing we feel we have left
and that's smoking and drinking our lives sways
losing the ones that really love us
what do we do
we need some one to run to
but who
most people are the ones that kick you when ur down
never want to see you smile
they wanna see you fail
so we turn the one thing that we feel doesn't judge us
and that one drink becomes our best friend
were screaming

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