Message From Heaven

July 28, 2010
This is a message I was called to deliver. You do not have to read this but, if you decide to...
I hope some part of it, any part of it...reaches you.
It is quite long but it was more than worth every second...

You do not know him...
I wonder how you survive?
I wish you knew him,
The reason we're alive.

There is a fear that grows in you,
He will take that all away.
There is nothing to be scared of,
With love to light your way.

It is hard to believe,
Until you open your eyes.
You'll see he lives on,
There will be no surprise.

I love you with my all,
But that can never compare,
To the love you'll share with Jesus,
When hope swallows despair.

There is a comfort I can't give you,
An answer to it all.
Someone to always be there,
To catch when you fall.

And even now he's there,
Watching over you.
Waiting for you to see,
That he can help you through.

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