Insomnia of the L.C/O.D

July 27, 2010
By mekel jackson BRONZE, Chicago, Illinois
mekel jackson BRONZE, Chicago, Illinois
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She runs from his deep passion
But she is not fast enough
Eyes burning green when he talks
This is her favorite color
She tries to look away
From his “friendly” dark temptation
Could he be the devil?
Could he be an angel?
She doesn’t care
As long as he’s there
She feels free
When he is alive
In the day
But at night
She is transcendent into confusion
How he changed so quickly
But still
She can’t resist
She tries to sleep
And back away
From heaven’s hell
Wrapped up in a skeleton
But climbing Mt. Everest
Isn’t as impossible then
Which means missed calls
And un-mutual texts
But it never works
He calls her names
But she made out with him last night
He plays her
But she writes i.l.u on his wall every hour
Judging eyes would call her stupid
When the same thing happens to them
She is not dumb or desperate
But cursed
The first night they kissed
He infected her conscience
With his eyes of poison
But she loved it
As long as she had him
She overdoses
But never dies
But there is always a pain inside
Her mom took her to the doctor
And she was diagnosed with L.C.O.D
Loved Close and Over Dosed
The symptoms will forever include
A child unwanted

The author's comments:
A few things inspired...beleive it or polo shirt inspired me.

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