Change may not be impossible , but it's change that makes things happen.

July 27, 2010
By Anonymous

Where did this year get us? Even though it sucked and even though it had a lot of laughs I think things will get better fast as growing up is part of the past..What a relief. To know that people driving by me on the road have their own story. Everybody has their own problems. If everyone were to complain about the bad things in their lives and everything that's been going wrong. Then it might take all day ; and shadows. What do they have to do with reflection either? What can they tell you? To be honest I just love the concept. Just like seeing myself in the mirror, sure I see myself back, but I can't truely see who I am. Just like a shadow ..I can't see within. It's a blocked image, a blocked light. It shadows who I am. It shadows over me. Give me a few years...and I wouldn't recognize myself either. Though the bottom line for most things is that not everyone or anything are changeable, and it is what it is so acceot the crap within.

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